A place to stay for $40 a night in L.A.? Yes, at PodShare, but there’s a tiny catch

Annie Bostick, 22, sits in her pod at downtown L.A. PodShare. Bostick, from Austin, Texas, is staying at PodShare while she explores L.A. this summer.
(Alex Golden)

PodShare, a cross between a hostel and a dorm that caters to travelers and longer-term visitors, is scheduled to open its third location this summer in Los Feliz.

The pods cost $40 to $50 a night and have a bed, a TV, shelves and some other storage space, but one thing they don’t have is privacy. No walls, no doors, no curtains.

Instead, pods face one another in an open floor plan, and guests share communal areas, such as a kitchen, common area that feels like a living room and a work space.

Owner Elvina Beck, 31, opened the first PodShare in 2012 in Hollywood. A year later, Kera Package joined her.


“Why do you need to spend $100 to $300 on a hotel to be by yourself?” Beck asked.

At PodShare, you can stay for a night, a week or indefinitely.

“If you actually want to meet people, it’s the perfect space,” said Audrey Leynaud, 21, an exchange student from France.

The Los Feliz location (the owners can’t yet disclose the exact address) will have 12 pods, a communal kitchen, eating area and bathroom. A pod for a single person costs $40 to $50 a night or $250 a week.

The other locations are 1617 Cosmo St. in Hollywood and 100 S. Vignes St. in downtown L.A., which opened in April

Info: Podshare


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