Make airline executives sit in their seats and see how they like it

A tight fit in flights.
(Richard Derk)

Re: “The ‘Battle’ Between Our Backs, Knees and Wallets,” On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm, Oct. 21: My take on airline seats is that all employees of an airline, including the chief executive, must fly in the tightest seat the airline uses.

Other thoughts: I don’t believe there is a 1-to-1 correlation between fees and ticket prices and the airlines’ need to make a profit.

This is a capitalist society, and the airlines must increase profits to appease their stockholders. They will increase fees and ticket prices to what they think the market will bear.

Also, the airlines hit on something beneficial to them when they decided increasing fees was the way to go. It allows the ticket prices to be lower, and when you can actually get them to award you a “free” ticket, you still must pay the fees.


I worked very hard to get a free $965 ticket. But I had to pay almost $500 in fees.

The airline’s policy is to place you on a wait list, which could last until the night before your departure. Not very workable when you are planning a three-month trip.

Gary Kazanjian — Hermosa Beach

A beautiful highway


Re: “A Belle on Wheels,” by John Nelson, Oct. 21: In 1997, I drove the Hana Highway with three friends and it remains one of my favorites drives. It was beautiful and although not an easy drive, I loved it. It was only afterward that I found out that you weren’t supposed to drive it in a rental car! Glad I didn’t know that.

Jo Ann Michetti — Rancho Palos Verdes

Cleveland fans

Thank you for Chris Reynolds’ article and video on Cleveland and for observing what it has to offer. He certainly hit a lot of the gems we have.

I have lived here for more than 30 years and raised my family here. My kids live in New York now and come back every chance they have to decompress. They are die-hard Cleveland fans and are proud to say they are from Cleveland.

Come back again.

Jane Snyder — Lakewood, Ohio



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