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Celebs' suite dreams come true

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Have a sleepover at Britney's or a Zen retreat at Woody's.

You can, as suites designed by celebrities continue to pop up in boutique hotels.

San Francisco's funky Hotel Triton, for instance, recently added a room called Woody's Oasis. Actor Woody Harrelson and designer Sarah Haynes created the environmentally conscious room, which fits into the Triton's eco-friendly motif.

The space resembles a Zen tranquillity area more than a hotel room, with a bamboo floor, hemp pillows and a low wooden table made from a tree salvaged from a forest fire. A wall-sized mural of Muir Woods adds to the natural atmosphere.

The Triton donates 10% of the room's fees to Oasis Preserve International, a nonprofit founded by Harrelson to conserve tropical rainforests in Central and South America.

Other new eco-friendly suites have been designed by comedian Andy Dick and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Dick's room looks like his home — white, minimalist, modern and funky. The band's room features recycled carpet and a coffee table crafted from a used equipment trunk.

"The celebs are passionate about environmental issues and have partnered with the Triton because of a common belief in environmental concerns," said Michael Pace, director of the eco program for Kimpton, the Triton's hotel group.

Las Vegas is about to cash in on the celebrity room trend as well. Hotel heiress Paris Hilton, a regular Vegas visitor, signed a deal recently to design a suite at the Aladdin Resort and Casino. The hotel, which plans to create several other celebrity suites, is being refashioned as Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, said spokeswoman Amy Sadowsky.

At Boston's Onyx Hotel, also run by Kimpton, pop star Britney Spears struts her stuff with a suite designed by her mother, Lynne. The 10th-floor room, which opened in July and starts at $249 a night, resembles the pop star's bedroom in Kentwood, La., with wall-to-wall cream-colored shag carpeting, an elevated bed and glass-beaded wallpaper. And what's a pop-star suite without some platinum records adorning the walls?

Those who want to bed down in a more classic rock style can check into the Grace Slick Suite at Kimpton's Hotel Monaco in Denver. This $299 room is adorned with an autographed mural and other original rock-influenced paintings by the singer from Jefferson Starship.

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