The Colosseum, built for Celine Dion’s Vegas debut in 2003, to be redesigned

A rendering of the lift seating system (center) and new VIP area that will be added at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.
(Scéno Plus / Caesars Entertainment)

Canadian singer Celine Dion announced last year that her long residency in Las Vegas would be coming to an end. Now, the venue built for her 2003 debut, the Colosseum at Caesars Palace, will close temporarily for a technical and design makeover.

The Colosseum is expected to close July 6 and reopen in early fall with a new partnership, one with mega-promoter Live Nation, a Wednesday news release said.

Rod Stewart is slated to perform in mid-September, one of the first acts expected to take to the redesigned stage.

As for upgrades, Caesars plans to replace the video screen, which measures 110 feet long and 34 feet tall, with an even bigger one that will have double the resolution, meaning sharper images for real-time video and effects. The sound system and lighting will be replaced too.


Visitors will notice refurbished red seats, all of which will be no more than 145 feet from the stage, and modular seats that lift up from the floor (think premium spots for fans). A new VIP area will feature booths as well as bottle and cocktail service.

The Colosseum hosts 400,000 people a year, according to Caesars. It has tapped theater designers Scéno Plus, the same company that designed the original venue, with handling the renovations.

Info: Check out what changes will look like at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace.



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