Your most memorable flight? Share that with us so we can share it with others

Los Angeles Times Travel editor

Maybe it was the time you flew into Baltimore and got caught in a thunderstorm so severe that your airline meal jumped at least a foot off your tray. Tell us your story.

Or perhaps it was the flight from San Jose, Calif., to Boston in which the large woman next to you, dressed in a puffy winter coat, told you all about how she was on her way to visit her son in prison -- while dipping her fingers into a small container of margarine and licking them one by one. Tell us your story.

Or it could be that time when the baby threw up on you just as your flight was taking off -- a transcontinental trip so turbulent that you couldn’t get up for what seemed like an eternity to clean yourself up. Tell us that story too.

Or maybe, unlike me, you’ve had some great experiences, such as meeting someone who became a romantic partner or listening to Aretha Franklin entertain in first class -- as Robert Mittelstaedt, dean of the W.P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, told me once happened to him.


Whether your experiences are dismal or delightful, they are part of your travel experience.

As the Los Angeles Times Travel Section prepares to focus on 50 years of flying, we’d like to hear your tales. You can click through to this page and enter them there or you can write to Please include your name, city of residence and e-mail (the latter for verification, not publication). We’ll try to include your remembrances in a package of stories in print or online June 12.