Vegas: Rock star camp finds a new home on West Harmon Avenue

Los Angeles Times Travel editor

Attention, wannabes. Here’s something of note: The Rock ’n’ Roll Fantasy Camp is putting down permanent roots in Las Vegas (as permanent as anything in Vegas is, anyway), moving into a 10,000-square-foot space, in conjunction with MGM Grand, at 3485 W. Harmon Ave.

Gene Simmons of Kiss fame will be the headliner for the Oct. 10-14 camp for aspiring stars at the new location. Campers from those dates will gather nightly to jam in the Rouge nightclub in the MGM. The new  camp site is about 2 1/2 miles from MGM and houses 12 rehearsal studios.

Upcoming camps will feature rock legends Roger Daltrey and Alice Cooper, among others. Your fantasy, by the way, will cost you a pretty penny: Starting prices for the Oct. 10 camp are $7,499 a person. You can find a schedule here.




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