The 120-mile zone: 8 day trips that fit California COVID guidelines

Pasadena City Hall
The dome on Pasadena City Hall is 206 feet high, just 82 feet short of the Capitol dome in Washington, D.C.
(Gina Ferazzi / Los Angeles Times)

We’ve been crunching numbers on day trips for you and keeping the number 120 in mind.

Why? Because state officials, alarmed by rising infection rates and a new strain of the coronavirus, have toughened their guidance on nonessential driving trips. Since Jan. 6, they have urged (but not ordered) residents to stay within 120 miles of their homes.

That’s in addition to a state mandate that forbids overnight stays on nonessential trips, whether in hotels or short-term rentals.

But with planning and care (and perhaps some weeks of waiting until infection rates slow), you can take a day trip that meets state guidelines and still slakes your wanderlust.

Here, culled from recent L.A. Times stories, is a collection of options, all outdoorsy or car-based. We used Los Angeles City Hall as a starting point. All restaurants in these stories are now limited to takeout meals; some may have closed.

Because your mileage will vary depending on where you live, we’ve included some borderline cases (such as San Diego).

Some other distances from City Hall to:

Santa Barbara, 95 miles
Solvang, 128 miles
Bakersfield, 111 miles
Palm Springs, 106 miles
Joshua Tree National Park (west entrance), 131 miles
Temecula, 85 miles
San Clemente, 61 miles
Carlsbad, 87 miles

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