From the Archives: Eight protesters of Vietnam War arrested

Nov. 5, 1966: Vietnam War protester is arrested after refusing to obey orders to leave federal property at California Air National Guard Base in Van Nuys.
(Steve Fontanini / Los Angeles Times)

This photo by Steve Fontanini appeared on page two of the Nov. 6, 1966, Los Angeles Times. A short story explained the arrests:

Eight young anti-war pickets were arrested by military police Saturday for blocking the main gate of the California Air National Guard Base in Van Nuys.

Earlier about 30 anti-Vietnam War demonstrators failed in attempts to enter the base to drape planes with black crepe and distribute leaflets to the airmen.


The eight youths from San Fernando Valley State; Pierce and Valley colleges, were arrested when they sat on the ground in front of the gate after being warned not to. Each was hauled away by air policemen to a waiting military bus. …

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