Massive quake hits Nepal

After Nepal quake, teams search for bodies — and closure for families

Days after the earthquake in Nepal, search teams risked their own safety to recover bodies buried under blocks of collapsed buildings.

Nepal rescuers find 3 bodies near crashed U.S. Marine helicopter

Wreckage thought to be a U.S. Marine helicopter missing since Tuesday has been found in Nepal, the U.S. military said early Friday.

Delay Nepal travel, State Department urges

In wake of Nepal's magnitude 7.8 earthquake, State Department asks U.S. citizens to defer nonessential travel to that country.

Nepal sanitation efforts suffer after quake

Nepal had made great strides in sanitation before the quake, building toilets and reducing disease. Now many toilets are rubble.

Hunting for heartbeats: NASA technology rescues 4 quake survivors in Nepal

NASA radar detector hunts for heartbeats, rescues 4 in Nepal earthquake

Nepal's overseas migrant workers face tough decisions after quake

Nepalese working abroad have to choose between keeping their coveted jobs and going home to their families after the quake.

Nepal quake victims fear government won't help much, if history is guide

Nepali villagers are not counting on swift government aid and have little confidence in the country's quake recovery plans.

Patience wears thin in rural Nepal, where quake aid is slow to arrive

Residents of rural Nepal grow desperate five days after a 7.8 earthquake, with no outside help at hand.

'Unimaginable': Doctors overwhelmed at Nepalese trauma center

Ancient temples, key to Nepal tourism, suffer severe quake damage

Nepal quake: Tent city springs to life in Katmandu, transforming park

Nepal earthquake death toll tops 3,700

Avalanche triggered by Nepal quake strikes Everest base camp

earthquake nepal mount everest climbers killed stranded