American Airlines to add more than 20 flights a day at LAX and hire 200 workers

In the three-way battle to take the lead position at Los Angeles International Airport, American Airlines is adding 25 new daily flights, starting in June.

The Fort Worth-based carrier is the biggest airline at LAX, serving about 19% of the passengers at the airport, while Delta Air Lines and United Airlines each carry about 16%. Delta handles slightly more international passengers but American holds a big lead in domestic passengers, according to the most recent LAX data.



An earlier version of this post said American Airlines was the third-biggest airline at LAX. American is the biggest when passenger totals are included from regional carriers and US Airways, which is working to merge with American.


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Los Angeles is a prime market for the nation's top airlines because LAX serves many big-spending business travelers, Asian tourists, entertainment executives and celebrities.

LAX, the nation's second-busiest airport, saw a record 74.5 million travelers in 2015, 5.6% growth over the previous year.

Once American's new flights are launched June 2, American will operate more than 220 daily flights out of LAX, including new service to Seattle; Portland, Ore.; Minneapolis; New Orleans and Kansas City, Mo.

The new routes, which represent a 10% increase in service from LAX, will also require American Airlines to hire 200 additional workers this year, the airline said.

"LAX is well-positioned for greater growth, and I'm pleased that American Airlines is helping to expand our global reach," Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said about the expansion.

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