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Essential Arts & Culture: The Bard and Harry Potter, art after Fidel, John M. Miller's passing

A “King Lear” double-header. Art after Fidel. And a quiet Los Angeles abstractionist passes away. I’m Carolina A. Miranda, staff writer at the Los Angeles, with all that’s blazing in the world of high culture:

Shakespeare to Harry Potter 

Times theater critic Charles McNulty traveled to London to take in two new productions of Shakespeare’s “King Lear.”

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Datebook: Art Basil, an iconic SoCal minimalist and early 20th century prints depicting Indian life
John M. Miller, artist behind painstakingly painted geometric abstractions, dies at 77
Their songs and their names will linger in your ears: Pasek and Paul and 'Dear Evan Hansen'

In this age of instant communication, he can’t manage to say anything.

The title high-schooler in “Dear Evan Hansen” is an endearing misfit so afraid of social interaction that he can’t face a pizza delivery person at the door, let alone muster the courage to speak to his secret crush. A wounded bird with one hand in a cast, he looks incredibly vulnerable.

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TV executive Grant Tinker gave us smart shows like 'Mary Tyler Moore' and 'Hill Street Blues' by putting the best ideas first

Television is a collaborative art, the work not just of writers, producers, directors and actors, but also of people who make decisions about what you will see and what you won't. As an art, it's also a business, and as a business, also a game, half-chance, half-skill — you have to know when to fold them, and when to hold them.

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Art after Fidel: What Castro's death means for a rising generation of Cuban artists

Ever since he was sidelined by illness from his role as Cuba’s leader in 2006, Fidel Castro loomed like a historical shadow. El barbudo (the bearded one), as he was known, was present in the occasional staged photograph or rambling newspaper editorial but no longer a part of daily life in the country he had micromanaged since the revolution he led in 1959.

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