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A 24-room labyrinth in a Boyle Heights warehouse gives audiences a custom terror experience

The first thing that happens when you walk through the doors of “The Tension Experience: Ascension” is that you’re handed a recruitment document for a cult, masquerading as the O.O.A. Institute. Printed on top of the enrollment paper is your own face, smiling back at you. 

A rosy-lipped receptionist brushes past her piles of disheveled papers and orange hard candies to clasp your hands.

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Readers react: The 1960s really were a time of change

When the Doors swung open to the ’60s

Regarding “Rock’s Most Explosive Year: 1966” [Aug. 14]. I love John Densmore of the Doors, but I had to chuckle at his comment, “I always say the ’60s, they didn’t start until ’65, and they ended after ’67.” So Bob Dylan’s “The Times They Are a-Changin’ ” album, in 1964, wasn’t the ’60s? And the Beatles’ “Abbey Road” album, in 1969, wasn’t the ’60s? Had me fooled.

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In this 'Next to Normal,' the message is loud but not clear

"Next to Normal," the Pulitzer Prize-winning musical about a suburban mom's struggle with bipolar disorder, first arrived in Los Angeles in 2010, on its national tour.

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Photo tour: Glenstone, the decade-old private museum outside D.C. is bucolic — and very blue chip

Some private art collections are about the drama of the architecture. Others, the sheer accumulation of works. Glenstone, the private museum founded by collectors Mitchell and Emily Rales in Potomac, Md., is all about the arrival.

Two-lane roads wind through patches of farmland and well-manicured acreage studded with McMansions to arrive at Glenstone.

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Sneak peek: Doug Aitken's 'Electric Earth' will shake the MOCA landscape

Doug Aitken settles in around a long dining table at his Venice studio, coddling a cup of hot herbal tea. The artist is having a rare down day just weeks before the opening of his exhibition at the Geffen Contemporary at MOCA.

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Datebook: Towers of clay, the L.A. landscape reconsidered, dance at the Getty Villa

Sculptural pieces that dwell on material and color. A performance inspired by the work of women sculptors. Paintings that draw from the unremarkable aspects of L.A.’s urban settings. And a daylong dance choreography that looks at identity in antiquity. Here are four openings and events to check out in the coming week:

Bosco Sodi, “Malpaís,” in a pop-up exhibition at 143 N. Robertson.

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