Norman Reedus of 'Walking Dead': 'I stabbed my brother' to a Willie Nelson song

Beloved "Walking Dead" lone wolf turned pack protector Norman Reedus, aka Daryl Dixon, sat down with Hero Complex at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about his latest sci-fi movie project, "Air," which was also produced by "Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman. Reedus touched on his new sci-fi project, his ever-evolving Daryl playlist, and the creation of the famous Dixon poncho look, which he came up with himself.

The full interview is above, but we've pulled out a few highlights for your reading pleasure, specifically referencing the Daryl Dixon playlist Reedus creates for his character:


On the Daryl playlist: 

Norman Reedus: This season is crazy, we're on episode 7 out of 16 right  now. I came to Comic-Con exhausted I'm going to leave here memorizing lines on the way out of here. We're fully in it right now.

Do you have a line circling in your head right now that you can't get out of your head?

Reedus: I don't really memorize lines like that. I do scenes. I'm thinking of playlists right now, to play while I'm driving to work.

Like what?

Reedus: I have a lot of Motorhead going through my head right now. This band called The Vines. There's a song called "F the World," which will probably make that list. I get ready to go do stuff.

You make a Daryl playlist for everyday?

No but I listen to a song. The episode "Still" with Emily Kinney I had a Dinosaur Jr. song going on and on in my head the whole time. I stabbed my brother to Willie Nelson. It's just different. Different reasons for different songs.

On Daryl's poncho: 

Reedus: "[The Poncho] was my idea. I pitched it in season 2 and they were like 'Come on give me a break.' What I asked for was like a horse blanket from Herschel's farm. And I was going to cut a hole in it and sleep in it. Back when I was in junior high I had the leather jacket that was my pillow and my blanket and my best friend. I sort of thought that. Plus with the crossbow, this move is real cool. And I'm a big Clint Eastwood fan. Let's do this for Clint. And I gotta tell you, now there's ponchos all over the place. Daryl ponchos are sold in little plastic bags. Action figures have ponchos, so it was a good idea, I think."

On "Air":

Reedus: "The place that we're at, the underground chamber that we're at, it has air-locked doors. There's only a certain amount of air. The thing is, we sleep in these chambers for up to six months. And we wake up and take care of the place. One of the things is, we start loosing our air right away. There's no air here, there's no air there, it becomes sort of a storyline ... to to repopulate the Earth (when we get the call) that it's OK to come back out.... [Djimon Hounsou and I] have the same job, but he sort of views his job as a scientist and I kind of view our jobs as janitors. Well-qualified janitors, and I feel like we're being duped, and he's constantly looking for hope. Through the course of the film there's a cat-and-mouse psychological war going on between us..."

"Air" will be in theaters on August 14 in 2015.