We're experiencing a moment of relative calm in the entertainment world in these few days between the conclusion of Golden Globe Awards and the start of the Sundance Film Festival. But there is still plenty of action. Here's what's new and interesting in entertainment and the arts:

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    Debuting at Sundance, 'XX' is the rare horror film created by and starring women, including indie rocker St. Vincent

    Google "horror film directors" and you'll get an overwhelming number of male directors and only a few women sprinkled in the mix.

    But a new horror film anthology premiering at Sundance later this month flips the script. "XX" features four hair-raising tales written and directed by women and driven by female leads. It also marks the directorial debut of Annie Clark, better known as experimental indie rocker St. Vincent, who directs "The Birthday Party."

    "What's in the box? Can I see?" a young boy asks a stranger on a train at the beginning of a new trailer released Wednesday. Later we see him refusing to eat and completely unfazed by the idea of dying.

    That tale, "The Box," is directed by Jovanka Vuckovic. Other frightening stories include "Don't Fall" by Roxanne Benjamin and "Her Only Living Son" by Karyn Kusama.

    The anthology will premiere with multiple screenings at the Sundance Film Festival , slated for Jan. 19-29 in Park City, Utah. The film will also make its way to to select theaters and video-on-demand formats on Feb. 17.

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