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San Diego Comic-Con is officially over, and now it's time for the breakdown. Who left Hall H a champion and who just left Hall H? We've got the full blow-by-blow recap of what Warner Bros. and their DC Entertainment slate brought and how Disney and Marvel countered. There were big surprises (Brie Larson is Captain Marvel!), plenty of teasers (looking at you "American Gods” and "The Walking Dead") and amazing cosplay aplenty. Stay with us as we bring you more news from the panels, crazy moments from the convention floor and exclusive photos from the L.A. Times studio.

'Blair Witch' sequel surprises Comic-Con with a secret screening and trailer

It's been almost 20 years since that trio of wily teens got lost in the woods making a documentary about the "Blair Witch." And in a surprise twist at Comic-Con, a follow-up feature, centered around a new group of youths who go back into the woods to look for the original filmmakers, was just dropped by Lionsgate. 

At a surprise screening, the new "Blair Witch" film dropped under the pseudo name "The Woods." Critics and fans were surprised to find out the screening for "The Woods" was actually a "Blair Witch" continuation. 

The studio even created fake posters to fool the audience, but soon enough, the truth came out. 

"Blair Witch" is directed by Adam Wingard of "VHS" and "The Guest" fame, and it already has a trailer. So far, the online buzz has been pretty positive, but when a film manages to pull off a surprise like this, it generally riles up a pretty happy crowd. We just really want it to be scary. 

Check out the first trailer for the new "Blair Witch" sequel. 

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