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Oakland's Ghost Ship fire is nightmare scenario for promoters, governments and music lovers

The fire that ripped through an electronic music concert at an Oakland warehouse-turned-art space Friday night was a worst-case scenario for anyone who attends such events. 

As of Sunday morning, 24 bodies were recovered, with more people unaccounted for. Officials fear the death toll could rise to 40. It might be one of the worst disasters in the history of live music in North America.

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Oakland concert struck by deadly fire featured artists on L.A. dance label 100% Silk

The fire believed to have killed at least 24 people in an Oakland warehouse on Friday night occurred at a concert featuring artists on  a Los Angeles-based label called 100% Silk.

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Grammy Award nominations are coming — and then, most likely, dissent

The 59th Grammy Awards will kick off the major entertainment awards season when they unveil their nominations Tuesday morning.

And with them will likely come dissent.

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How hip-hop legend Russell Simmons plans to save the world with yoga

Few people have their finger on the pulse of American culture like hip-hop godfather and fashion-film mogul Russell Simmons.

The New York native, who has lived in L.A.

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'Falling apart but we deny it': Is J. Cole talking about Kanye West?

So much for not kicking a man when he’s down.

Rapper J. Cole on Thursday night released a new documentary about the making of his upcoming fourth album, and 12 hours later the Internet is convinced that one of the album’s songs is a shot at Kanye West, who spent a portion of last month in the hospital following what’s been described as a nervous breakdown.

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The Rolling Stones' new blues album is an amplified death wheeze. And it rules

The Rolling Stones claim they made their new blues album in three days — which is remarkable since it sounds like they couldn’t have spent more than two.

Easily their rawest recording in decades, “Blue & Lonesome” finds the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers happily reconnecting with the unvarnished Chicago blues that inspired the late Brian Jones to form the band in 1962.

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