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Erykah Badu talks 'But You Cain't Use My Phone' from inside a party bus

It’s well past dusk on a recent evening and Erykah Badu is stretched out on plush leather seats inside a sleek party bus equipped with blacked-out windows and a ceiling with green, white and yellow lights mimicking a constellation of stars.

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Adele announces European tour -- and April remains wide open for Coachella

The superstar singer Adele has a lot to be thankful for of late. After half a decade of studio silence, the artist released her ace new album, "25," and followed it up with a Jimmy Fallon and the Roots-accompanied performance of "Hello" that went viral.

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Eagles of Death Metal fans take to Twitter following Vice interview

Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time of family, fun and turkey. But for the members of Eagles of Death Metal, whose Paris concert was interrupted when gunmen entered the venue and opened fire on the crowd, leaving at least 90 dead, the day undoubtedly means something more.

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Vince Staples and the power of 'nah': Taunts for El Rey 'industry' crowd in a kinetic, vital show

About two-thirds of the way through Vince Staples’ 45-minute set at El Rey on Tuesday night, he asked his DJ, Westside Ty, to rate the audience.

“What, it’s like a 6 or a 7?”

“Maybe 7,” Ty said. And Staples responded, “Nah, 4.”

This was maybe the third time they’d rated us. Hi, Vince.

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Eagles of Death Metal to Vice: 'Our friends went there to see rock 'n' roll and died'

“At first I thought it was the PA [system] cracking up, and then I realized real quick that it wasn’t,” Eagles of Death Metal guitarist Eden Galindo said, describing the first wave of gunfire that tore through the Bataclan concert hall in Paris an hour into the band's sold-out show.

The Nov.

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Wu-Tang Clan's secret album brings millions in private sale, auction house says

Wu-Tang Clan’s ambitious, one-of-a-kind secret album “Once Upon A Time in Shaolin” — of which only a single copy was produced — has been sold to an American buyer for an undisclosed figure that was in the millions, private auction house Paddle8 announced on Tuesday.

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