'Weird' Al Yankovic announces 'The Mandatory Tour' dates

'Weird' Al's 'The Mandatory Tour': Citizens will be required to attend or face possible jail time

Riding a wave of renewed popularity due to his hit 2014 album "Mandatory Fun," "Weird" Al Yankovic has announced an action-packed 2015 tour. It's called "The Mandatory Tour," and all citizens of the United States will be required to attend one concert or face steep fines and/or possible jail time. Those who fail to offer proof of purchase by tax day 2015 will have refund checks withheld until doing so.

Just kidding. You don't have to go, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't.

Yankovic will open "The Mandatory Tour" on May 12 with five consecutive nights at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, before moving into the heartland, Midwest and South. He'll travel up and down both coasts, no doubt celebrating his wonderful recent parodies of work by Robin Thicke, Lorde, Imagine Dragons and others. He'll make a foray into Canada and then dip back down, hitting arenas, casinos and outdoor amphitheaters in large and mid-sized markets. 

And at every turn, Yankovic will bypass Southern California. That's right: So far, Downey's finest has yet to announce any local dates, opting instead to placate fans in lesser townships such as Wichita, Kansas; New York City; Orlando, Fla.; and Boston. Barring some spring surprise, Yankovic isn't headlining Coachella, either.

Which means that either Yankovic hates Los Angeles and its people, or, more likely, he's yet to announce those dates. A few gaping holes in "The Mandatory Tour" itinerary hint at a possible time frame: Specifically, the tour has open dates in late August and late September, either of which could be Los Angeles stops. 

In the fall, Yankovic will ferry the tour to Europe, where he'll visit Sweden, Norway, Denmark and other non-American countries. From there, the artist will travel to Australia and New Zealand. Those dates have yet to be announced.

For a complete tour itinerary, hit Weird Al's website

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