Just stop it: KFC Philippines launches Double Down Dog

We just can't even with this new KFC Double Down Dog

Okay KFC. We excused you when you used a fried chicken bun to sandwich pieces of bacon and melted cheese. And we politely turned our heads when you decided to serve your fried chicken and fries in Go Cups. But we just can't wrap our heads around your latest menu item. 

Participating KFC restaurants in the Philippines are selling a KFC Double Down Dog. It's a cousin of the original Double Down sandwich, but this time, it's a hot dog served in a fried chicken bun. 

According to the company's Facebook page, the new item will be available Monday and Tuesday at 11 participating stores, and only 50 will be sold per store, per day. Stores include locations in Manila, Taguig, Pasig City and more. 

The company is also live tweeting some of the Double Down Dog sales. 

Other wacky KFC Philippines menu items include the Pizza Twister, made with a crunchy chicken fillet with chicken pepperoni and melted mozzarella cheese and pizza sauce wrapped in a toasted tortilla; the Cali Maker Twister, made with a crunchy chicken fillet, mango bits, cucumber and Japanese mayo dressing wrapped in a toasted tortilla; and fried chicken Alfredo. 

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