You can now eat cereal with Peeps-flavored milk

Attention Peeps fans: Peeps-flavored milk is really happening

Making Peeps dioramas is hard work. In addition to coating your fingers with sugar, you may get thirsty. And for the die-hard Peeps fans, you can now quench your thirst with Peeps-flavored milk. 

Prairie Farms, an Illinois-based dairy company, is making milk flavored to taste like sugary marshmallow Peeps. 

The Peeps Milk comes in three flavors: Marshmallow Milk, Chocolate Marshmallow Milk and Easter Egg Nog. The Marshmallow Milk and Chocolate Marshmallow Milk are reduced fat. 

According to a release for the new product, Peeps Milk is 100% milk mixed with "premium ingredients." And according to language on the milk cartons, that means "natural and artificial flavors."

"We worked with Just Born Quality Confections, manufacturer of Peeps candies, to develop custom flavor formulations for the milk," Rebecca Leinenbach,  vice president of marketing and communications at Prairie Farms, said in an email.  "There aren't any Peeps marshmallows in the milk but the milk flavors do taste similar to Peeps marshmallow candy counterparts."

If you look at the ingredients listed for yellow Peeps, there's sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, yellow #5, potassium sorbate, natural flavors and carnauba wax. 

Peeps Milk cereal anyone? And if you want to make your own Peeps, to perhaps eat with the Peeps Milk, test kitchen director Noelle Carter has a recipe here

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