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Like to booze it up? How to win a designated driver for an entire year

Not it! Total Wine & More launches sweepstakes to give away free designated driver service for a year

Playing rock, paper, scissors to decide on a designated driver is never fun. But someone's got to do it. The next time there are no willing participants, Total Wine & More wants to help.  

The wine and spirits chain is giving away a free designated driver for an entire year.

That's a year full of late nights at bars, clubbing, happy hours after work and wine-fueled dates with a safe ride home, without the need to call Uber. 

The store has teamed up with designated driving service BeMyDD for a drawing offering a grand prize of a sober ride home for a year. Unlike Uber, which requires customers to get into a stranger's car, BeMyDD offers two services that use the client's own car. You can hire a professional driver to take you out, wait for you, then drive you home, or if you're already out, hire two drivers to take you and your car home. 

Prices for a personal driver are $14 to $19.50 per hour. 

There's contest information online. And even if you don't win, you can still get $20 off your first ride with the code "total wine." Cheers!

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