VIDEO: People flip out when you offer free cupcakes outside of a gym

Watch what happens when this guy tries to give away free cupcakes outside of a gym

People want to think good, motivational thoughts on the way to the gym. They do not want to be tempted by a plate of sugar and carb-laden baked goods. This is a lesson Scott Rogowsky, host of the Running Late Show comedy show learned the hard way. 

In a new video, seen above, Rogowsky stands outside of a gym with two tables full of cupcakes, brownies, pie and ice cream sundaes. He fills up a plate and stands just outside the door. When someone in workout gear reaches for the door handle, he offers them a treat. 

And when he's not offering free sweets, he's eating them in full view of a row of hard-working, sweating people on treadmills. Eventually he's asked to leave by the gym staff, but another member from the show, production assistant Abe, take his place. 

Most refuse the sweets, but one guy downs a full cupcake in one bite, then heads inside the gym. Another woman asks for a "small one" post workout. Then some other people just flip out. 

"I don't want a free brownie, what are you guys doing?" asks one angry man in workout gear. "You really @#$* piss me off. I feel like I'm going to smash this in your face."

And another man resorts to insulting poor Abe. 

"Why are you handing out free sweets in front of a gym?" asks the man. "People are here to lose weight, not look like a slob like you."

Well, there you have it. It's not a good idea to hand out free sweets outside of a gym. We knew there was a reason the "Jersey Shore" boys like to do gym, tan, laundry, and not gym, bakery. 

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