The rain has started to return in Northern California and will continue over the next few days, but officials aren't as concerned about the upcoming weather so much as the damage already done to the Oroville Dam's already compromised main spillway.

The risk of flooding has dropped substantially, but Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea warned residents Wednesday that they remain in "an emergency situation."

Floodplains in Butte, Sutter and Yuba counties

The map below shows areas at risk during a major flood event, such as a massive rainstorm, not a projection of what would happen if the Oroville Dam's emergency spillway failed. The information is based on FEMA’s 100-year floodplain assessment.

For the Record, 5 p.m.: An earlier version of the headline on this post incorrectly said the map showed areas at risk of flooding from the Oroville Dam's emergency spillway.

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