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For the record

Lyft for Work: An article in the Nov. 14 Business section about ride-sharing firm Lyft adding corporate customers said Adobe was a launch customer. After publication, Lyft issued a correction stating that Adobe participated as a pilot partner in the program but was not a launch customer.

New York City frog: An article in the Nov. 17 Section A about New York City frogs misstated where biologist Catherine Newman was working when ecologist Jeremy Feinberg first contacted her about the newly discovered species. She was working at UC Davis, not UCLA.

Film sequels: The On Film column in the Nov. 16 Calendar section about ideas for comic-duo film sequels said Ben Affleck ate animal crackers off Liv Tyler's stomach in "The Rock." The Affleck film that included that sequence was "Armageddon."

Music Center at 50: The caption under the photograph of the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on the cover of the Nov. 16 Arts & Books section misidentified Hope Street as Olive Street.

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