7-hour closure coming Sunday to part of interchange of 5, 10 freeways

Transportation officials are warning motorists of prolonged closures to ramps and connectors near the I-5 and I-10 interchange on Sunday.

The closures just south of downtown Los Angeles will last seven hours, from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m., and are designed for so-called "swarm" maintenance that will allow some 200 people to do maintenance work at once.

"Crews will remove litter and graffiti, trim trees, clear weeds, repair guardrail and irrigation, re-stripe the roadway, re-lamp overhead lights, and replace signs," according to an announcement from the California Department of Transportation.

The closed connections on Sunday will be: westbound I-10 to northbound I-5, and southbound I-5 to eastbound I-10. 

The closed ramps: Southbound I-5 Mission off-ramp, westbound I-10 State Street off-ramp, northbound I-5 State Street on-ramp, northbound I-5 Marengo Street on-ramp, southbound I-5 Mission on-ramp, eastbound I-10 Mission on-ramp. 


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