Person who left 'creepy' dolls at O.C. homes is found

Orange County sheriff locates person who left porcelain dolls at homes of young girls

The Orange County Sheriff's Department said Thursday night that investigators had located the person responsible for leaving porcelain dolls at the homes of several young girls in an upscale San Clemente neighborhood.

In a statement on Twitter, the department said the "intent was goodwill" and did not provide any further information.

Earlier in the day, officials said they had launched an investigation into the mysterious appearance of the dolls.

"The porcelain dolls have been collected as evidence and are being examined in an attempt to identify their origin or discover clues as to who may be responsible for leaving them," the Sheriff's Department said in statement. 

The dolls were found on the doorsteps of at least eight homes in the Talega community of San Clemente, the Sheriff's Department said.

Residents said some of the dolls may have been crafted to resemble the girls, Orange County Sheriff's Lt. Jeff Hallock told KTLA.

“It's peculiar, strange and weird and all that stuff,” Hallock told City News Service. “People are saying the dolls slightly resemble their daughters, which is creepy.”

Some of the girls, all about 10 years old, attend the same elementary school, Hallock said.

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9:38 p.m.: Post and headline updated with sheriff's department saying they located the person responsible.

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