Two monkeys briefly skip out on new exhibit area at San Diego Zoo

Two two Wolf guenon monkeys take a brief walkabout at San Diego Zoo before being nabbed

Two medium-size monkeys left their habitat Friday at the San Diego Zoo and scampered free before being captured.

The two Wolf guenons, a species native to Africa, were in their first day at the new lushly planted space at the Ituri Forest exhibit.

No sooner had the two, both born at zoo, been placed in the space when they got out. Nine-year-old Drew ran one way, his sister -- 5-year-old Amara -- ran in the other.

Zoo employees went into a prearranged escape protocol. Zoo visitors were asked to leave the area and keepers went after Drew and Amara, corralling them within an hour, officials said.

No visitors came into contact with the monkeys. The two monkeys did not appear harmed by their frolic, but both will spend the night at the zoo veterinary hospital for observation.

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