Security cameras didn't capture shooting of man in Rolls Royce

Three security cameras captured footage where real estate entrepreneur Kameron Segal was shot in the face as he sat in his luxury car in Hollywood last week but none of the video shows the shooting, police said Wednesday.

The lack of footage showing the key part of the incident has frustrated LAPD detectives, who are seeking to identify a man on a bicycle who opened fire at close range on Hollywood's Sunset Boulevard.

Still, video and images from the array of cameras that line businesses and properties along the thoroughfare and neighboring streets have provided some clues to the shooting, LAPD Det. Kevin Becker said.

Cameras at the scene captured people coming and going from the area before and after the gunfire Friday night, so detectives are painstakingly reviewing the images, he said.


Investigators have turned to the video after witnesses offered somewhat differing accounts about the events.

Friends of Segal say they fear that he was targeted in a hit and that the shooting was far from a random act of violence or a simple crime of opportunity.

LAPD investigators say they believe that the shooting was not likely part of a robbery but can't rule it out. "We've no indication of that. But we don't know what the motive is," Becker said.

Segal remains hospitalized at Cedars Sinai Medical Center, where he was rushed following the shooting near his business. He is still in critical condition and has yet to provide information to detectives.

"Until he can talk to us, it is going to be hard to know what happened," Becker said. "He is the one who saw the assailant and knows what it was about."

Becker said the victim was shot in the face and remains heavily sedated.

Contrary to some reports, Becker said the gunfire never went through the Rolls-Royce's glass before hitting the victim. Witnesses who told reporters that they saw Segal naked at the shooting scene may have seen him after paramedics had treated his wounds. He said paramedics often have to remove a victim's clothes to treat life-threatening injuries.

Segal's company is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that would help police find the shooter. Mytchell Mora, a friend of Segal, said the circumstances surrounding the shooting suggest the real estate entrepreneur was targeted.

"I don't why anyone would want to kill Kameron," Mora said.

Segal was shot at least twice about 8:40 p.m. Friday while parked behind his business in the 7500 block of Sunset Boulevard, just west of North Gardner Street. The description of the gunman is vague. But authorities said he was riding what appeared to be either a 10-speed or racing bicycle.

Within minutes of the shooting, police flooded the area looking for the gunman but they found no signs of him.

Segal is the British-born chief executive and founder of William Holdings Inc., a real estate management company with about 20 apartment buildings across Los  Angeles.

Court records show that Segal has been involved in litigation, but that is not unusual for people in his business.

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