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Tornado hits Colorado country club during golf tournament; 1 man hurt

Tornadoes and Wind Storms
At least one person injured when tornado hits country club southeast of Denver
Tornado hits Colorado golf course during tournament; players take cover in country club's basement

With a wave of volatile weather sweeping across Colorado on Sunday, at least one person was injured after a tornado pounced on a country club southeast of Denver.

The injury was minor, according to the Aurora Fire Department, and the extent of the damage appeared to be mostly limited to an empty construction trailer that flipped over in a parking lot near the Blackstone Country Club in Aurora.

Tasie Cooperman, 19, who works at a cafe in the country club, told the Los Angeles Times that “there was a golf tournament going on, so there were a lot of golfers out on the course” before a tornado alert was sounded.

Everyone took cover in the club's basement, Cooperman said, but there was apparently at least one golfer who was caught out on the course.

Two young women told TV station 7News Denver that a man hurt his arm after a tornado caused a golf cart to flip over; Cooperman said the golf cart had apparently been heading back to the clubhouse.

Cooperman said the roof of the country club was leaking water after the storm. Local resident Steve Hardin, who drove by the club after the storm, said he could see little damage other than a flipped-over construction trailer.

About an hour after the tornado hit, the Aurora Fire Department said emergency personnel had left the scene.

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Tornadoes and Wind Storms
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