The U.S. elected its 45th president on Nov. 8.

Artists create super PAC as performance art

Artists, who love to work outside the system, and super PAC founders, who love to exploit it, don't usually go together.

But a collective in Miami's emerging Wynwood district called has done just that. And it says $150,000 has been raised to create provocative billboards, muraled trucks and street art around the country to further a civil discussion about what most people see as an ugly year in politics.

On Friday, a 100-foot project was raised that uses controversial billboard ads and an interactive part that lets passersby express what they want "freedom for" and "freedom from."

Stuart Sheldon created one of the billboards, an American flag posing spiralized questions about freedom. To him, it's about urging people "at a granular level" to start over, with less fear and more optimism.

Two other billboards in Wynwood — one depicting a burning Confederate flag and another showing an African American artist's boyhood picture with a target across it — were rejected by ad companies when the super PAC tried to put them up as paid billboards, said Wyatt Gallery, the group's executive director.

Even though Wynwood tends toward the liberal artist set, the interactive portion of the project has drawn a mix of responses, including someone who wants "freedom from" sharia law, George Soros and Crooked Hillary.

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