The U.S. elected its 45th president on Nov. 8.

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Early exit polls: A sizable shift in white college-educated vote toward Democrats

The first wave of exit poll data is beginning to trickle out. Here's what we know so far:

Neither presidential nominee is popular, unsurprisingly. According to NBC News, just under half of voters nationwide viewed Hillary Clinton favorably, compared with a little over half who viewed her unfavorably.

Donald Trump fares worse: More than one-third viewed him favorably, compared with more than 60% who viewed him unfavorably.

Now, to a big shift from 2012. MSNBC reported that the two candidates are tied among white college graduates. Mitt Romney won that demographic by 14 points over President Obama.

Among white voters without college degrees, Trump romps nearly 2 to 1 over Clinton.

An important caveat: Exit poll data will shift throughout the evening as more come in. So these numbers could still fluctuate. 

More to come.

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