Who's in, who's not?

Signatories to the World Anti-Doping Code include the Olympic movement and 78 international sports governing bodies. Here is a partial list of athletic events subject to the code's regulations, along with some notable exceptions.

Covered by WADA rules All Olympic events

All Paralympic events

Commonwealth Games

World Cup (soccer)*

Tennis Grand Slam (Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open, U.S. Open)

Davis Cup

Tour de France

US Tennis Assn.*

Also covered are events under the jurisdictions of:

International Assn. of Athletics Federations (track & field)

International Basketball Federation

International Gymnastics Federation

International Hockey Federation

International Triathlon Union

International Swimming Federation

International Table Tennis Federation

World Taekwondo Federation

World Bridge Federation

International Chess Federation

* These are subject to their own anti-doping rules, differing in some respects from the WADA Code.

Not covered Players in the following leagues or organizations are not subject to WADA regulations unless they compete in events under WADA jurisdiction, such as the Olympics or World Cup:

Major League Baseball*

National Football League*

National Basketball Assn.*

National Hockey League*

Major League Soccer*

National Collegiate Athletic Assn.*

Professional Golfers Assn. (PGA)

Ladies Professional Golf Assn. (LPGA)**

US Golf Assn. (US Open)

British Open (golf)

* Maintain separate anti-doping programs

** Will begin drug testing program in 2008

WHAT'S BANNED? The main categories of substances banned by WADA include these:

Anabolic agents, including steroids. Effects: Build strength, facilitate training. Examples: stanazolol, testosterone.

Hormones. Effects: Improved red blood cell count, stamina, training effectiveness. Examples: Erythropoietin (EPO), human growth hormone.

Stimulants. Effects: Combating fatigue, improving reaction time. Examples: Adrenaline, methamphetamine.

Masking agents. Effect: Concealing presence of steroids in urine. Examples: diuretics, epitestosterone.

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