Letters: The L.A. River's potential

Letters: The L.A. River's potential

Re "Garcetti makes new L.A. River pitch," April 12

Re "Obama lawyers to defend cross...

Re "Whether it's bikes or bytes, teens...

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Alaska 'road to nowhere' is actually a lifesaver

Sen. Lisa Murkowski: Alaska 'road to nowhere' is actually a lifesaver

To a non-Alaskan unfamiliar with the harsh realities of living in remote corners of the nation's largest state, the proposed link of two small towns...

The 'saints' of skid row

The 'saints' of skid row

Most of the several hundred letters I read each week can best be described as adversarial: They take issue with healthcare reform, the handling of the...


Letters: What children eat at school

Re "Out-to-lunch regulators," Editorial,...

Letters: Out at Mozilla, but was it fair?

Re "No 'witch hunt' at Mozilla,"...

Letters: Dodgers TV isn't fan-friendly

Re "Patt Morrison Asks: Jeanie Buss,...

Letters: Hands off the Monterey Shale

Re "A crude energy puzzle," April 7

Letters: Medicare payments analyzed

Re "Medicare lifts the veil on payments,"...

Letters: Unsung heroes in the LAPD

Letters: Unsung heroes in the LAPD

Re "New details on shooting at station," April 9

Letters: About those beef price stats

Re "Beef goes high steaks," April 9

Letters: Fund a missile silo, feed a town

Re "U.S. to remove 50 ICBMs from silos," April...


Does new marijuana study back Gov. Brown's warning about pot smokers?

Don't by fooled by pope's latest move: Carnival time is over

Why split Calif. into only six states? Go libertarian all the way!

How to prepare for the coming 'blood moon' apocalypse

The Kansas killings: Will every crime be a hate crime someday?

Last day to sign up at Covered California: Do it, get it, use it

A college kid's cure for unemployment

Stay-at-home moms: The sad truth behind those rosy media stories



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