Americans are getting the foreign policy Trump promised them. Why is anyone surprised?

To the editor: Is Andrew J. Bacevich kidding when he says the senators who vociferously opposed the United States entering World War I were doing their solemn duty? Can you imagine what the world would look like today, with the war lost because of the U.S. not participating? (“As American statecraft crumbles into dangerous incoherence, where is the Senate?” Opinion, Dec. 15)

As for President Trump’s inflammatory remarks on North Korea, a country that repeatedly threatens to attack the United States with nuclear weapons, the remarks are absolutely justified.

Regarding Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as capital of the Jewish state, nothing makes more sense. Protests from the Palestinians, many of whom are ruled by Hamas, should be ignored. Past presidents have made the promise that only Trump now has the courage to fulfill. He campaigned on this promise, obviously supported by enough U.S. citizens to get elected, and he is making good on it.

Perhaps we Americans are so used to politicians forgetting their campaign promises that we have forgotten what real honesty looks like.

Carl Rosenfeld, Indio


To the editor: The Republican-controlled U.S. Senate simply mirrors the vacuous, misguided foreign policy of the Trump White House.

During the Obama years, there was no shortage of GOP senators eager to extol their foreign policy expertise to attack President Obama’s policies. Now that the nation requires their leadership, they’ve gone missing.

The party of Sens. William Borah, George W. Norris and most recently Richard Lugar of Indiana is no longer. Blind and absolute fealty to this man in the White House seems to be their sole imperative. Our national security is no longer a priority for the Republican Party.

The American people have it in their hands to change that dangerous course in November 2018 at the ballot box.

Bob Teigan, Santa Susana

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