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California in Congress

California Democrats jump in to support Nancy Pelosi's minority leadership bid

House Democrats come together Wednesday to vote on their leadership for the next Congress, and with a challenge to House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) looming, her supporters have taken to social media in recent days to explain why they back the long-serving leader.

Pelosi, who has been in House leadership for nearly two decades, has cast herself as a steady hand for Democrats as they push back against President-elect Donald Trump's policies, including repealing the Affordable Care Act and deporting millions of people in the country illegally.

Pelosi's challenger, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-Ohio), represents a state that Trump won, and he has made the case that Democrats need to appeal to Middle America if they want to regain House control.

Several of California's 39 Democrats joined the social media rally behind Pelosi, posting their own reasons to #StandWithNancy.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Bakersfield) has taken a few swings at Pelosi since Democrats' losses Nov. 8, saying keeping her in charge means Republicans will continue holding majority control of the House.

The National Republican Congressional Committee also jumped in Tuesday, hanging a banner outside their Washington office urging Democrats to "Hire Nancy" and joining the tweetstorm online. Pelosi's staff responded, calling it a distraction from Trump's transition.

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