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California Secretary of State Alex Padilla certifies historic results in 'smooth' election

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla on Friday certified a record-breaking count of 14.6 million ballots cast statewide, calling the November 2016 election "smooth" and free of compromises or breaches.

Padilla, a Democrat who endorsed Hillary Clinton during the primary season, once more refuted a claim by President-elect Donald Trump of rampant voter fraud statewide, saying it was "absolutely false" and without basis or evidence.

He declined to speculate as to what could happen Monday, when the members of the electoral college across the nation cast their votes for president. But he said he hoped that process in California would go as smoothly as the general election.

"Bottom line, I can assure you that the elections officials at the state level and across all 58 counties pride themselves on professionalism," he said. "We stand by the results. We stand by the process, and we stand by protecting people's voting rights in California."

Election results show Hillary Clinton won the state with 62.2% of the popular vote — 4.2 million votes over Trump, the largest margin of victory for a presidential candidate since 1936.

The last time California saw a record number of ballots cast was in 2008, when 13.7 million votes were counted. Registered voter turnout this November election reached more than 75%, with nearly 58% of voters casting their ballots by mail.

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