Is Ronda Rousey too violent for Walmart?

Is Ronda Rousey too violent for Walmart?

Ronda Rousey has been seemingly everywhere since her 14-second submission of Cat Zingano five weeks ago -- playfully demonstrating the armbar on Jimmy Fallon on "The Tonight Show," appearing in the blockbuster film "Furious 7" and wreaking havoc in the ring at WrestleMania, just to name a few places you can find UFC's biggest star.

But one place you won't be able to see her -- or at least her upcoming book, "My Fight / Your Fight" -- is at Walmart stores.

The New York Post's Richard Johnson reported Friday that the superstore chain won't be selling Rousey's book when it comes out next month "on the grounds that she’s too violent," reporter Richard Johnson wrote.

Walmart spokeswoman Danit Marquardt told The Times on Monday that Walmart stores won't have the book available on its shelves due to "a variety of factors," but she pointed out that the title is available for preorder on the retailer's website.

"There are a variety of factors that we look at when determining what items to offer our customers," Marquardt said. "At this point, we’ve chosen to offer this particular title to our customers online. We will continue to watch how customers respond."

She added that customers will be able to pick up the book at a local Walmart if they order it online using the "site-to-store" feature.

Rousey's sister Maria Burns Ortiz, who co-wrote the book, appeared to respond to the controversy Saturday on Twitter. "Wal-Mart will sell guns, but not a book," she tweeted. "Taking that whole pen is mightier than the sword thing seriously."

According to the description of "My Fight / Your Fight" on Walmart's website, "the undefeated UFC champion and Hollywood star charts her difficult journey to fame, revealing her tragic childhood, her secrets behind her achievements and her experiences as [a] pioneering woman athlete."

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