Lara Schmoisman

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Founder & CEO
The Darl

Lara Schmoisman, a native of Buenos Aires, is the founder and CEO of The Darl, a prominent full-service marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Los Angeles. With a blend of Jewish and Latina heritage, she possesses an assertive and determined nature, accompanied by a compelling accent that leaves a lasting impression. Renowned for her ability to rejuvenate brands, her accomplishments include being recognized as a Forbes Next 1000 Honoree and nominated as a 2022 L.A. Times B2B Publishing Inspirational Woman.

With two decades of invaluable experience spanning radio, television, film, distribution, and content marketing, Schmoisman expertly leverages her industry knowledge to assist emerging brands. Furthermore, she hosts the widely popular podcast “Coffee N° 5,” which boasts an impressive 400,000 downloads. Lara is also a sought-after speaker and has previously served as a lecturer at California Polytechnic State University.