Laurie Holcomb


CEO & Founder
Gold Flora, LLC

Laurie Holcomb is an accomplished CEO and founder with a strong track record in commercial real estate and the cannabis industry. She possesses expertise in executive management, sales, distressed asset management, and mergers & acquisitions. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish start-up companies in both real estate and cannabis.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism mass communications, Holcomb rose through the ranks in finance, eventually becoming the chairman and CEO of Checkmate. Transitioning to commercial real estate, Laurie served as executive VP at MasterCraft Homes for nearly 20 years. Recognizing potential in the booming cannabis industry, she founded BlackStar Financial and later established Gold Flora, a successful woman-owned company specializing in indoor cannabis cultivation and high quality products. Holcomb’s ventures have positioned her as a leader in California’s cannabis market.