Madelynn Hirneise


Chief Executive Officer
Families Forward

Madelynn Hirneise is the CEO of Families Forward, an Irvine-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting families facing housing crises. Families Forward excels in family housing navigation and safety-net services for at-risk and homeless families. With over 90 affordable housing units under their ownership, her leadership has expanded the organization’s impact.

Hirneise joined Families Forward in 2012 and assumed the role of CEO in late 2019. Recognizing the diverse needs of homeless families, the organization has expanded services, including a second location in Central Orange County. Her expertise and commitment extend beyond her role, as she actively engages with multiple organizations addressing homelessness and serves on various advisory committees. Under her guidance, Families Forward has provided housing stability, meals, career coaching, mental health counseling, and essential supplies to thousands in need.