Mark Delp

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Branch Manager
Impact Wealth Management

Mark Delp, founder of Impact Wealth Management, is dedicated to making a positive impact on his employees, clients, and community, and his work has earned recognition from esteemed publications. As one of the few Hispanic wealth management practice owners, he manages over $1.5 billion in client assets.

Unlike many in the industry, Delp prioritizes his employees’ well-being, never laying off anyone and continuously increasing benefits, including full salary for community volunteering and 100% health insurance coverage. His innovative approach to tuition reimbursement, providing upfront payment and paid time off to study, has resulted in a 43% increase in expected career earnings for graduates. His commitment to diversity is reflected in his team. Through free financial education classes, Delp empowers overlooked community members, leading to increased 401(k) participation, decreased loan activity, and improved financial confidence.