Nominee: Ezra Bolds, Jr.

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Chief Financial Officer
Innovative Housing Opportunities

Ezra Bolds, Jr. is an accomplished CFO at Innovative Housing Opportunities (IHO), a Santa Ana-based nonprofit developer specializing in high quality affordable housing. Since 2015, he has implemented advanced financial systems, improved audits, and provided clear financial information to the board and staff. Despite challenging times for nonprofits, his strategic guidance ensured IHO’s sustainability and remarkable growth in portfolio, performance, and operating reserves.

As part of the executive leadership team, Bolds oversees budgeting, reporting, strategic planning, risk management, and asset portfolio management. His recent achievements include overseeing the $70 million sale of Woodbridge Manor and establishing the Housing Innovation Fund (HIFund) to accelerate affordable housing development. His expertise in finance and affordable housing operations contributes to IHO’s success in improving living conditions and fostering personal growth for residents.