Perkins Miller

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Chief Executive Officer

Perkins Miller is the CEO of Fandom, the world’s largest fan platform with 350 million monthly unique visitors, 250,000 fan-powered communities, and 45 million pages of content generating 30 billion annual page views. With a background in digital, sports, and entertainment sectors, he has positioned Fandom as a leader in consumer entertainment. Under his leadership, Fandom has experienced four consecutive years of growth, achieved profitability, and undergone successful M&A activities.

The platform’s immersive first-party data known as “FanDNA” enables partnerships with major studios, gaming companies, and advertisers, providing unparalleled insights and targeting capabilities. Miller’s strategic approach has transformed Fandom into an entertainment tech company, delivering personalized experiences, targeted advertising, and in-depth fan insights. Notably, he led the $146.3 million sale of D&D Beyond, allowing Fandom to invest in technology and data sectors. Its gaming division driven by Miller now engages over 150 million passionate gaming fans and hosts 100,000 gaming communities.