Steven Malony

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Chief Executive Officer
Belkin International

Steven Malony, CEO of Belkin International, has excelled during his nearly 20-year tenure, starting as a sales representative and ascending to the role of global leader. His unwavering commitment to customers and tireless drive align with Belkin’s core values. Before becoming CEO, Malony held various positions in sales and management, overseeing strategic direction, performance, and international operations. He adeptly managed the separation of Linksys and integration of the Phyn brand while maintaining strong financial results. His resilience was evident during challenging times as he prioritized critical aspects of Belkin’s operations.

Under Malony’s guidance, Belkin achieved remarkable growth with revenue, gross profit, and operating profit increasing significantly. By leveraging the company’s internal capabilities such as design, manufacture, and sales through FIT, he has positioned Belkin for ongoing success. He has also fostered a vibrant corporate culture and community by empowering the team and establishing voluntary employee groups called VIBEs.