For the Record

Coronavirus in California: In some editions of the Feb. 29 Section A, an article about efforts to fight the spread of coronavirus in California misattributed information about the number of people quarantined with connections to NorthBay VacaValley hospital. It was Steve Huddleston, vice president of public affairs of NorthBay Healthcare, not UC Davis spokesman Steve Telliano, who said that the hospital has a staff of about a couple of hundred and that the quarantine affected dozens connected to the hospital. Also, the last name of Sacramento County’s director of health services, Peter Beilenson, was misspelled Beilson.

South Carolina Democrats: In the Feb. 29 Section A, an article about Democratic voters in South Carolina misattributed comments about politicians failing to fulfill promises to black Americans. The comments were made by Melvin Wright Sr., not John Wright.

Northgate Market: In the March 1 Food section, an article about Northgate González Market said the market is celebrating its 30th anniversary. It is 40 years old.

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