a roller-coaster ride

Over the past several years, the quality of the articles and the paper found in Home magazine has been up and down like a roller-coaster ride. Just last Sunday, Jan. 13, the feature article was on roses. I have seen similar articles in Better Homes and Gardens and Sunset magazines. When can the format of Home magazine go back to articles about areas of California that subscribers would like to know more about with regard to planning a home, and to places in the home such as the kitchen, recreation area and garden, to name a few? Let's hope that the format this year will feature California home living.

Jim Allen


for the record Regarding your article on the renovation decorated by the firm of Smith-Cleary, published Jan. 20 in the Home section (A Thesis That Tends Toward the Theatrical) : As the article stated, I did the architectural design; the construction was done by myself, Michael Anderson and Tom Ritchie for Gary and Maxine Smith. None of us are or have ever been registered architects.

Dennis Cashato

Design Tech Associates


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