Bleachers Will Remain Open

Associated Press

The Cleveland Indians backed off from an original plan to close the stadium bleachers and will now open them for all afternoon games, including the home opener with the New York Yankees on April 13.

The team management also said the bleachers will be opened for other games if potential crowd size warrants it.

Bleacher seats will still cost $2 each, the team said.

"The fans spoke, and the Indians listened," Tribe president Peter Bavasi said in a prepared statement, "and the fans said they wanted to sit in the sun in the bleachers."

On Feb. 20, the Indians announced a new $2 ticket price for general admission seating in sections 1, 2, 42, and 43 in the lower deck of the stadium grandstand. Those seats will still be available.

The team had also said then that the bleachers would be open only when the crowd size required it.

In making that decision last month, the team said that fewer than 250 patrons used the 5,-000-seat bleachers each game.

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