The Region

A grand jury in San Luis Obispo County indicted four men for murder in the Jan. 20 shooting of a camper. Mariano Francisco Rey, 30, was shot to death in his sleeping bag, and Erik James Nelson, 22; Joseph Edward Leonard, 22; David Kirk Rund, 21, and Timothy R. Ryan, 23, all of San Luis Obispo, were booked at the time for investigation of manslaughter. The defendants, three of whom are local college students, told investigators they were hunting in Reservoir Canyon, two miles north of San Luis Obispo. The four men told detectives they heard a sound in the bushes and opened fire on the dark campsite. Rey died from a single rifle wound to the head. The sole witness, Dorian Hawkins, told detectives he heard the men try to sneak up on the camp he shared with Rey.

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