Judge Foye Will Retire in July

Compiled by D. Sami Capp

South Bay Municipal Court Judge Thomas P. Foye, who has served on the bench for 17 years, announced that he will retire July 15.

Foye, 67, served as presiding judge of the court twice during his tenure. A private attorney before being appointed a judge, Foye was a Manhattan Beach city councilman from 1953 to 1957 and served as mayor for two of those years.

Foye, who lives in Rolling Hills, said his future plans include playing golf and traveling.

Inglewood high school juniors Jeff Preyer, Ralph Pettiford, Jacqueline Jones and Martha Lasso will represent Inglewood schools in a youth exchange program in Pedavena, Italy.


Arlington School fifth grader Eric Ryke of Torrance has been awarded the grand prize in the Torrance Crime Prevention Poster Contest. First-prize winners are Bobby Brown of Arlington School, Tim Mull of Seaside School, and Kevin Jones of Fern Avenue School. Their posters were selected from more than 500 entries.

Dr. James Lyle of Hermosa Beach has been selected the winner of Lyle E. Gibson Distinguished Teacher Award at California State Univerity, Dominguez Hills. Lyle, a chemistry professor, developed a summer organic chemistry course designed specifically for premedical students. He was commended for being able to organize and summarize a large amount of material and present it to students understandably.

Ann Perkins and Kent McDonald were awarded the Cowan Avenue School PTA’s honorary service awards at its annual volunteer recognition luncheon. Perkins served as Cowan PTA president during the past year and she was a major organizer of the school’s walk-a-thon. McDonald has served on the Cowan Avenue School Advisory Council for four years. Also at the luncheon, Barbara Freia of Los Angeles was named Cowan’s Outstanding Teacher of the Year by the Westchester/LAX Chamber of Commerce. She was selected by fellow teachers at the elementary school where she has been a teacher for eight years.

The South High School Parent Teacher Student Assn. of Torrance has been named one of the ten outstanding PTA units in the state by the California PTA. One of the group’s projects cited was a seminar on rape and sexual abuse. The state group also recognized the Torrance Council PTA for its contributions, including fingerprinting children and staging a college fair.