Destruction Football Debuts at Saugus

If you’ve never seen a car punted before, Saturday night might be your chance.

Saugus Speedway will try something a bit different from the usual destruction derby by mixing mechanized mayhem with a Knute Rockne theme. Track officials have dubbed it Destruction Football, but don’t quite know what to expect.

“It’s something new . . . or something they’re going to try,” said track spokesman Lyn Pherigo. “It’ll be like a destruction derby, except the cars will be on teams trying to score goals.”

There will be two teams with 10 cars. At each end of the track, there will be two goals. A small foreign car will be the football.


The object is for the cars to force the football into one of the goals to make a touchdown worth seven points.

The game will be 30 minutes long and consist of two halves. If there is a tie at the end of regulation play, the game will go to sudden-death overtime.