ON THE COVER: Angel Island, off San...

ON THE COVER: Angel Island, off San Francisco, is the West Coast equivalent of Ellis Island, where immigrants were detained and processed as they arrived in this country, seeking a better life.

Genny Lim, a first generation Chinese-American born and raised in San Francisco, is the offspring of two generations of immigrants who passed through Angel Island. She documented the history of her ancestors in "Island: Poetry and History of Chinese Immigrants of Angel Island, 1910-1940," which won the 1982 American Book Award and inspired her play, "Paper Angels."

"Paper Angels" has been produced in San Francisco, Seattle and New York, and now comes to television via a KCET production for "American Playhouse," airing Monday on PBS (8 p.m. Channel 50, 9 p.m. Channel 28).

The drama captures the fears and anxieties of the immigrants as they confront the immigration process. Heading the cast are Rosalind Chao, Joan Chen, James Hong, David Huang, Beulah Quo, Victor Wong and Ping Wu.

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