Buddhist Temple in Sun Valley

I rerouted my path to the freeway so I could watch an Eastern temple being built in Sun Valley (Board Rules Buddhist Temple Can Add School, June 5). I was amazed at the meticulous attention to detail, including landscaping. When the final touches were applied, I was just as pleased as though I had participated.

Knowing nothing of Eastern religions, only last year did I learn that it was Buddhist. But long before that I watched the gathering of happy families, never boisterous or profane, within the enclosed courtyard. Really, other than differences in architectural design and the people's complexions, I saw similarities to Grace Community, a fundamentalist congregation just to the west. Both seem to be family-oriented and both content to devote at least one day a week to being with people who have the same beliefs.

I am, however, perplexed like those who protested the building of a school on Thai property. Just where are they going to put it? What provision has been made for parking?

So far I have not had to tangle with the Thais' traffic, but Grace Community's traffic has caused me to leave earlier for work on Sunday rather than tangle with people who stop in the middle of the street to chat or double park. Once I nearly hit a child who dashed out between cars. The child was not Thai.

I am for a school being built if it is in keeping with the present architectural concept and if they purchase land nearby for parking. Among exceedingly uninspired tract houses, the temple is a jewel.

Litter was a gripe. When I pass back by the temple on Sunday evenings, trash is evident, but by the next day it is gone. A tidier place is hard to find in the Valley.

Is the objection really from the proposed building process itself?

Or could it be fear of being displaced by people with obvious ties with their homeland, or ignorance of an alien religion, out-of-context architecture attended by strangely clad priests?


Van Nuys

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